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Miu Miu's Somebody by Miranda July

Miu Miu has introduced the eight instalment in the Women's Tales: Somebody by Miranda July is officialy available and you can watch it here! 


Girl in Venice - Miu Miu's Somebody 

Girl in Miu Miu is in Venice for the premiere of the "Somebody" film by Miranda July. Here are some shots from the Girl in Miu Miu Instagram account. 

There's a Somebody App as well! And it's free on the Itunes Store! (I haven't tried it myself.) 

p.s. I love all the celebrities, but I don't like what Lena Dunham is wearing at all! 


Miu Miu Presents the new Women's Tales - Somebody

Miu Miu will soon introduce the latest instalment in the Women's Tales. Here is the trailer for "Somebody." I am too tired to have a coherent opinion: all I know is that, as always, I love Miu Miu! Can't wait!


More Images of Celebrities at the Spark and Light Premiere

Hailee Steinfeld

Sarah Paulson

Riley Keough

Anna dello Russo and Giovanna Battaglia

Sami Gayle

Bella Thorne

Alexa Chung

Celebrities know how to have fun! And they have fun wearing Miu Miu. I took this images from WWD. There are more, of course, but this are the celebrities who were wearing Miu Miu or Prada. Right now, I envy them a little bit!


Miu Miu - Spark and Light with Riley Keough

Miu Miu's Spark and Light by So Yong Kim is out. Featuring Riley Keough, it portrays a girl with technical difficulties on her car when she is on her way to visit her mother. I am not going to say anything else, just watch it!

By the way, I want to live in that house!