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Miu Miu Wins the Bucket Challenge - Pochette Crystal and More


Ok, I seriously couldn't resist that title. With the bucket challenge going on and the bucket handbag trend it seemed more than appropriate to post a title with a sense of humor.

Anyways, Miu Miu introduced the Pochette Crystal bags. A cute mini bucket version of the studded and eyelet clutches. Sure, nothing fits in one of the Pochette Crystal bags, but they are oh-so-cute! The Miu Miu logo in silver hardware is always a must.

And the new leather bucket bag? I am not sure about that one, it sure is pretty, but it also seems very impractical. Button fastenings as well as drawstring leather seem like too much of a hassle for a bag. It's pretty, but I'll pass on that one.

The Pochette Crystal retails for 990 and the Leather Bucket for 1300 Euro. Then can both be found HERE.



Miu Miu's Cat Clutch! 

OMG there are no words for this! Really, there aren't! This is beyond beautiful! This is a dream come true, this is perfect, this is Miu Miu! Nobody does cats and birds like Miu Miu! I am speechless with this handbags! Such a fashion statement! As always, Miu Miu does it again!


Celebrities Wearing Miu Miu #249 - Dakota Johnson


Dakota Johnson was spotted a couple of days ago wearing the Miu Miu Vitello Soft bag in black. The most luxurious bag Miu Miu has produced until today! And it's available for sale HERE in many colors.  


Miu Miu's Nappa Vele Cloud Bag Available Online! 

I love it when new Miu Miu bags become available online. This one has been available at Miu Miu stores since June! With the exception of Miu Miu's website, it is just now becoming available online.

Honestly? My first love is the original Cloud bag. My second love is the Fringed Cloud Bag. Then comes the Nappa Vele and other variations.

Miu Miu has definitely come a long way with the Cloud and the Vitello Soft bags. Now I only wish some of them became so classic I would consider them a long term investment. So far, the Nappa Vele is good but it's just trendy. And we know trendy doesn't last too long. Perhaps I am missing some valuable hours of sleep and that's why there is not much love today for the Nappa Vele.

This one is available here for 1600 Euro.


Miu Miu's Fall 2014 Campaign - Stacy Martin and the Quilted Vitello Soft


If the Vitello Soft is quilted, then, is it still Vitello Soft or is it called something else? That is a question I have for Miu Miu SA's, I guess I'd have to ask.

Either way, here is another Stacy Martin picture of the Campaign, one I hadn't seen before. I am not 100% sure I love the bag but I am sure I love its non quilted counterpart.

(That you can buy here)