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Miu Miu Spring 2015 Handbags


Miuccia Prada is back! And she has created very familiar matelasse bags with an updated look. The matelasse and the silver lock remain intact (yes, a deja-vu moment remembering the Fall 2008 coffers with silver hardware.)

New hardware seems to be the key feature as well as a recurrent boxy shape that is a new variation of the Vitello Soft bag. Shiny Matelasse will become a must thanks to the bags seen on the runway.

And because I have to be honest, I have to admit I am not 100% sold on the hardware that binds the handles to the rest of the bag. There I said it. Other than that, I am sold and can not wait! 

You can buy the current Miu Miu handbag collection HERE.


The Most Amazing Miu Miu Bag from Fall 2014


Would you believe me if I told you I said today that this bag is useless? I was quick with my tongue and now I regret it. I never know when to bite it! As it is, this happens to me very often. I get weird ideas in my head of how much I dislike a bag because I don't think it useful. Then I see it, I express my dislike and an hour later I find myself regretting it, just to find myself thinking about it non stop.

This was the case of this gorgeous fringed studded Miu Miu bag. Sure, it is small, and it's not the type of bag you take to work or wear every day. But it's oh-so-beautiful! Because, let's face it: how often do we come across a fringed studded bag with silver hardware and the Miu Miu logo in silver hardware? And this is so so beautiful in real life, you don't need to add anything else to your outfit. This bag is THE highlight of your outfit. For all you care, you could go out with just a t-shirt and this bag would make you look fantastic. Yes, that's how much I liked it an hour after I left the store!

The sole color? To die for!

It's available HERE for USD 1390. 


Celebrities Wearing Miu Miu #252 - Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick was spotted at The Voices premiere during the Toronto International Film Festival. Anna was wearing head to toe Miu Miu.

Anna's shoes and pochette plex handbag can be found for sale HERE.

Anna's Miu Miu Silk Blend Dress can be found HERE.


Celebrities Wearing Miu Miu #250 - Dianna Agron


Dianna Agron was recently spotted wearing a Miu Miu matelasse bag. 


Miu Miu Wins the Bucket Challenge - Pochette Crystal and More


Ok, I seriously couldn't resist that title. With the bucket challenge going on and the bucket handbag trend it seemed more than appropriate to post a title with a sense of humor.

Anyways, Miu Miu introduced the Pochette Crystal bags. A cute mini bucket version of the studded and eyelet clutches. Sure, nothing fits in one of the Pochette Crystal bags, but they are oh-so-cute! The Miu Miu logo in silver hardware is always a must.

And the new leather bucket bag? I am not sure about that one, it sure is pretty, but it also seems very impractical. Button fastenings as well as drawstring leather seem like too much of a hassle for a bag. It's pretty, but I'll pass on that one.

The Pochette Crystal retails for 990 and the Leather Bucket for 1300 Euro. Then can both be found HERE.