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Miu Miu Spring 2015 Handbags - Stock Pictures


In every collection, there is always a distinctive memorable detail that serves as a reminder of the collection or year a certain piece belongs to. For Spring 2015, Miuccia Prada has delighted us with matelasse bags with a particular detail that binds all the bags from the collection together: the hardware on the handle. The hardware will be remembered as the Spring 2015 hardware, used in both Matelasse and Madras bags. Soon we will see pictures of the Madras I posted a couple of days ago in the same hardware. 

Current bags, including the Vitello Soft and the Cloud are available HERE


Upcoming Miu Miu Madras Bag - As Seen on Paris Fashion Week


It is safe to say I am mildly obsessed with the upcoming Madras bag pictured here. Just last week I was sharing a different version, without the flap, carried by Giovanna Battaglia during Paris Fashion Week. Since then, I have been looking for information about it all over the world (literally.) Sadly, I have not been as successful as I wish.

So far, all I can tell you is that by November we will know more about this style. From what I have been told by different SA's, this bag will be available by December and we will definitely know more, as I said before, in November (which, really, is just five days away!) 

The picture above I found on Tumblr and it belongs to a lucky unknown person who carried it during Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015. I have seen hundreds of pictures from that week trying to identify the owner to no avail. While I was looking I did find a picture of Veronika Heillbruner carrying the same version Giovanna Battaglia was seen wearing. While this doesn't surprise me much, I find it very interesting that the person on the right  of the picture is also carrying the same bag!

Interestingly, this bag also showed up on Ebay this week and from what I can gather from both styles of the bag, one of them can be used over the shoulder (the one in the picture above) whereas the other one can only be carried on your hands or crook of the elbow.

Here is the link for the Ebay sale of the bag (no, I don't know who is selling it and I am not 100% sure it's authentic.) 



Miu Miu Holiday/Christmas 2014 Preview - Handbags and Accessories


Christmas is coming, never mind the fact that we are still in October, any time of the year is good for a new Miu Miu collection!

So far, I see a similar quilted version of the Vitello Soft in silver hardware in metallic colors. Hooray! I also see some crazy eyelet wristlet that would be best forgotten. Sure, to each their own, but this wristlet is not my type of "own." 



Miu Miu News - Fall 2014 Colors and Styles - Fall Color 'Phard'


Vitello Soft in Talco

The Miu Miu Houston Boutique at Galleria Mall has been kind to share with me news about available styles, prices and colors of handbags available this season.

Let's begin with one of the it bags: The Vitello Soft Shoulder Bag, made of Calf inside and out, is now available in a limited edition Talco color and retails for USD 2050. The versatility of this bag makes it a very popular style because it allows you to carry it in the ways pictured here. 

Nappa Crystal in Fuxia

The Nappa Crystal bags with the crystal straps (known by yours truly as Nappa Cloquet) are now available in Fuxia for USD 1650. From the same line, the Cammeo color is now available again after being sold out for months.

Baby Coffer in Royal

After a couple of seasons of not being available you can now buy the baby Coffer at Miu Miu boutiques. It is available in Verde, Cammeo, Sole, Fuxia and Royal (pictured here.)

Matelasse Tote in Phard

If you love a more classic and practical Miu Miu bag, the Matelasse totes are available in many colors, including the new lavender shade called Phard. Prices range from USD 1690 to USD 1850.


And if you are looking to the trendy bag, well the Fringe bag, pictured here and similar to the Nappa Biker retails for USD 2450 at Miu Miu stores. 

Matelasse bags, the Vitello Soft and the Fringe bags are all available HERE


Thank you Isabella for your impressive service: information and pictures! 


Miu Miu's Fall 2014 Cavallino Tote and Cloud Bag

This is the leopard season and Miu Miu is giving us their best seasonal handbags in leopard calf hair, a.k.a, the Cavallino bags. Yes, they are as beautiful as they seem. And as practical. And as perfect. And everything Miu Miu knows how to do. 

The seasonal Cloud bag was also done in beautiful Cavallino. The Cavallino Cloud bag is one of the few leopard shoulder bags available in the market. 

And if you are interested in either one of them, I know where to get the tote in the United States for a lower price than the retail price. Leave a comment or message me on Facebook and I'll hook you up. 

Otherwise, you can find another Miu Miu Cavallino Tote, pumps, boots and coat HERE