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Miu Miu's Fall 2014 Cavallino Tote and Cloud Bag

This is the leopard season and Miu Miu is giving us their best seasonal handbags in leopard calf hair, a.k.a, the Cavallino bags. Yes, they are as beautiful as they seem. And as practical. And as perfect. And everything Miu Miu knows how to do. 

The seasonal Cloud bag was also done in beautiful Cavallino. The Cavallino Cloud bag is one of the few leopard shoulder bags available in the market. 

And if you are interested in either one of them, I know where to get the tote in the United States for a lower price than the retail price. Leave a comment or message me on Facebook and I'll hook you up. 

Otherwise, you can find another Miu Miu Cavallino Tote, pumps, boots and coat HERE


New Miu Miu Madras Bag for Spring 2015 as seen on Giovanna Battaglia


Miu Miu will introduce a completely new Madras model for Spring 2015. During Paris Fashion Week, fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia was seen carrying it numerous times. Giovanna even carried it to the Miu Miu show.

We don't know much about this bag yet: only that it belongs to the Spring 2015 collection and it's a new Madras style. The bag also features gold hardware, a turn lock closure and an accordion style shape. It does come with an extra shoulder strap for added versatilty.

Giovanna is seen in this pictures carrying a yellow and grey version of the bag featuring a yellow front. I know for a fact that this bag also comes in a grey front and back (with maroon on the side.) 

As for the price, I admit I have no idea but I am going to go ahead and guess it's somewhere between 1300 and 1500 Euro (and very worth it, if you ask me.) This is the most upscale/high end bag I have ever seen Miu Miu produce. And as for me, I am already saving! 

You can buy current Miu Miu handbags HERE


New Miu Miu Colors for Fall 2014: Phard and Militare


Miu Miu Crossbody in Phard

Miu Miu has introduced two new colors for the Fall 2014 season: a pale lavender called Phard and a military green properly called Militare. The Militare you will find in seasonal bags: the Cloud, the Vitello Soft and the Nappa Biker. Phard can be found on classic matelasse bags. 

Nappa Biker bag in Militare.

Both colors can now be found on the Miu Miu Colo Reference Gallery


Matelasse Cloud Bag


I am extremely happy that Miuccia Prada is moving Miu Miu in a new direction and I am even more happy that she decided to keep making Matelasse bags. As you could see in the Spring 2015 runway, Matelasse was featured in half of the bags. And if you are going to make a Miu Miu investment, better make sure it's Matelasse bag.

This Fall, Miu Miu did the half matelasse, haf plain leather Cloud bag. Given all the variations of the Cloud bag, it's hard to tell you I love this one the most, but I will tell you I like it - a lot! 

If you are interested, leave a message and I'll let you know how to get in touch with a good SA who will help you get this bags.


Celebrities Wearing Miu Miu #256 - Liv Tyler


Since Liv Tyler was recently seen at the Miu Miu runway show in Paris, it's only natural to spot her wearing Miu Miu. 

Liv's handbag (available in multiple colors) and sunglasses can be bought HERE