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Eye Candy #266 - Shine Crystal Borchie Close Up - Valentines 2013

Close up of the Miu Miu Valentines 2013 collection.


Eye Candy #265 - Miu Miu Valentine's 2013 Wallets and Bags


Miu Miu Valentine's 2013 wallet in Nero, Rosso and Cipria, that belong to the Shine Crystal Borchie collection. 


Mini bags in Nero and Talco.


Miu Miu's Limited Edition Spring-Summer 2012 Struzzo and Crocodile Handbags

I don't even know where to begin to explain the beauty of this bags. The pink struzzo bow bag is simply gorgeous. Anything in struzzo always calls my name, especially when it comes to Miu Miu. And you don't even want to know how much they cost, the amount of money is obscene if you ask me. Well, actually, it's not that bad compared to a Hermes, but this is Miu Miu we are talking about and 5K is not a usual amount paid for a handbag. My favorite? The framed crocodile one, just not a big fan of the color.


Miu Miu Limited Edition Handbags for New York Fashion Week


Limited Edition bags for New York Fashion Week that launch tomorrow. Now that I slept on this idea, I think it's a great idea but I wish they had chosen a different design to play with, not one from the Spring 2012 runway show. Once the season is over, the bags will be out of season as I don't see this as a classic style.

Other classic Miu Miu bags for sale here.


Miu Miu's One Of A Kind Handbags Especially Designed for Fashion Week 

This is the coolest animated Gif in the world!!!! After spending a crazy day in the hospital nothing, NOTHING makes my day like finding a new collection of limited edition Miu Miu bags and the coolest animated picture made out of them. The picture, of course, does not belong to me and I will give the credit to who earlier today reported about the new Miu Miu bags. Fashionista described the Gif as bag porn and I have to agree 100%.

As all of us probably know Fashion Week is starting soon so Miu Miu has decided to delight us with limited edition bags made out of exotic skins and fabrics combined with glitter, crocodile, ostrich and python. There will be 46 of them and they will be hitting every major fashion week of the world beginning this Thursday. There will be 16 available for New York Fashion week and each one of them is unique and handmade.

Thank you Miu Miu for making my day so much better! 

Nappa Cipria

Lino Bag in Corda

Lurex Bag in Argento

Nappa Bag in Talco

Camoscio Bag in Cipria

Lurex Bag in Ardesia and Pervinca

Aren't this the coolest bags in the world? Yes I said before I didn't like them that much on the runway but the whole concept behind limited edition bags during Fashion Weeks makes me weak in the knees.