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Studded Leather Platform Ankle Boots


Just looking at this boots hurts! Ironically, the first song that comes to my mind while looking at this is Lady Gaga's Just Dance. In other words, this ridiculously high boots rock! Yeah, the studs kind of remind me of Valentino. But this are badass! Valentino's are more like "I am a lady who rocks studs" but this boots are like "I am woman hear me roar!" Ok, perhaps I woke up and my crazy gene kicked in a little too quickly for the day. Regardless, I love this boots though I'll never be able to walk on them.

You can find them HERE for USD 1250. 


Miu Miu's Pave Noir Sunglasses from Fall 2014


Miu Miu has successfully introduced the Pave Noir Sunglasses for Fall 2014. Just a couple of weeks ago you could find them on a special display being promoted. The sunglasses are also seen being worn by actress Stacy Martin on the Fall 2014 Campaign.

You can buy the sunglasses HERE for USD 395. 


Miu Miu Cavallino Tote for Fall 2014 Sold Out! 


Ok, before any of you say anything, it's sold out at the Mytheresa website, it's not sold out at Miu Miu stores, so don't panic!

I have been watching this tote for two weeks. It sold out almost immediately and it came back in stock just to be sold out again within hours. I am waiting for it to become available again but so far, nothing. This is, along with the Cloud bag and Vitello Soft, one of the only Miu Miu bags I actually want to buy from the Fall 2014 collection. Leopard print is big this season and pony hair in a zippered bag with the Miu Miu logo is a heavenly combination. Plus, the bag is a good size, so it's virtually perfect. 

Yes, one can hope to become available again soon.

It was available HERE for 1900 Euro. 


Miu Miu Editorials #253 - Vogue US October 2015 - Miu Miu Resort 2015


Finally, an editorial featuring Miu Miu Resort 2015! Sasha Pivovarova wearing a Miu Miu Resort 2015 dress.


Miu Miu Covers - Vogue Italia Beauty



Frances Coombe for Vogue Italia Beauty October 2014 wearing a Miu Miu Fall 2014 dress.

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