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Miu Miu Editorials #248 - Dansk, Madame Germany, Vogue Russia, Elle US and Marie Claire Russia

Marie Claire Russia September 2014

Elle US September 2014

Vogue Russia September 2014

Dansk Fall Winter 2014

Madame Germany September 2014

Most of the Miu Miu clothing pieces pictured here can be bought HERE.



Celebrities Wearing Miu Miu #250 - Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe Moretz went to the If I Stay premiere in New York yesterday August 18, 2014. She was wearing head to toe Miu Miu.

I don't know what I like more: if the fact that Chloe wore Miu Miu or that If I Stay is finally out. I finished reading the sequel, Where She Went, and let me tell you, it is even better than If I Stay. It is so good that when it was over I couldn't believe it. It leaves you feeling so good about life, about feeling hope, about being happy. Please, do read it if you haven't!

And as for Chloe's shoes, they can be bought HERE.


Celebrities Wearing Miu Miu #249 - Dakota Johnson


Dakota Johnson was spotted a couple of days ago wearing the Miu Miu Vitello Soft bag in black. The most luxurious bag Miu Miu has produced until today! And it's available for sale HERE in many colors.  


More Images of Stacy Martin for Miu Miu 


The best part about this post is that it is completely unexpected! Who thought I was going to post anything on a Saturday? But truth is, Stacy Martin is looking rather irresistible in Miu Miu's Fall Winter 2014 campaign. As usual, it took me a while to grow fond of it, but now that I love it, I just love it so much. It was such a pleasure to find this pictures I had to come and post them!

Enjoy them as I have enjoyed posting them!


Miu Miu Editorials - It's Friday! 

Vogue China September 2014

Marie Claire UK September 2014

Vogue US - Malaika Firth's dress can be found here.

Harpers Bazar China September

Elle UK September

Madame Air France August - September 2014