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Miu Miu In The Magazines #94 - Vogue Latin America March 2012

Every time I look at outfits like this from the Miu Miu Spring 2012 collection I think of Red Riding Hood.


Ayers Embossed Leather Wallet in Fuxia

Let's face it, this isn't a new style of wallet, it's the very same one we've seen forever and ever, the only change is the outside, the snake skin effect and the Fuxia color. Which is the colorr to have this Spring and it's all over the place in the Spring 2012 Miu Miu collection. I like it but it's not like I am in love with it. If I were to invest in anything snake skin it would be a pair of pumps. Now, those are delicious! If you like the wallet, it's available here for 295 Euro.


Shirtdress With Balloon Dress - Gingham Skirt From Resort 2012

I don't like balloon skirts, they look terrible on my fat legs. But I do love gingham prints and I love this dress. If I had the right body, no doubt I'd be drooling after it. I love the color as well, the skirt is a bit short but I'd do anything for some fuxia gingham. Which reminds me, I saw a keychain with gingham, perhaps this dress is a signal that even though it wont look good on me, I need to get something in gingham! Did I say gingham enough? Since English is not my first language saying it out loud it's somehow delicious.

Available here for 990 Euro.


Spring's 2012 Pink Bag From The Mia Wasikowska Ad Campaign

I know most of you are currently watching the Oscars and whatever I have to say about this bag isn't interesting, but it's the only bag I was looking forward to from the Spring 2012 collection. I couldn't wait to find out more information about it, price, colors available, size etc so I messaged my SA to ask.

Guess what? He said he believes this bag didn't even go into production! I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOO" screaming at the screen when I read his answer. My first thought was, "but it's in the ad campaign!" but I guess it happens, as he said. I can't wait to find out for sure as I really really like it. I am betting the color in the Ad is Peonia and I was wishing it was available in black. Miu Miu, please don't disappoint me!


Eye Candy #237 - Madras Bag With Silver Hardware From Spring 2012

THIS IS IT! I have found THE one for Spring 2012. I am having goosebumps as we speak! I had already seen this bag just not in nero. I LOVE LOVE nero with silver hardware! I think I am feeling weak in the knees just now. I love anything Madras but this just beyond anything I could have imagined: silver hardware, silver Miu Miu logo front and back, big bag with extra strap, zipper compartment. I LOVE THIS. This can be my Birthday and Christmas combined for the next 5 years. I wouldn't mind!

This bag is the epitome of luxury and I want it!!

Other Miu Miu bags available here (no, not this one though.)