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Why I Love Miu Miu - Reason #4 - Embellished Flower Leather Sandals 


Key word, embellished. A couple of days ago someone on Twitter mentioned that Miu Miu is the only brand in which you can ask if an item comes in glitter. Indeed, glitter and crystal embellishments are two of my favorite Miu Miu, well, embellishments. When the two of them are combined to create Spring-Summer sandals it's marvelous!

There are a couple of other styles but when I saw this that combine glitter and crystals but when I saw this one I knew it was love. I love flowers, I love them mostly anywhere in my outfit and this one sandal makes me love them even more. Add some glitter and crystals and embellishments all over and I am hooked. Forever. One more reason why I fall in love over and over again with Miu Miu. No matter what, it always surprises me. If you love them as much as I do they are available here for 550 Euro.


Fold Over Textured Leather Clutch - Madras Clutch in Cobalto

At first I thought this was a wallet, on second thought I realized it's actually a clutch (yep, I haven't seen this one in real life.) Either way, it's gorgeous. The leather makes it look so classy and elegant and the gold push lock closure is a double like for me. And the Cobalto color? Well, that's one of the reasons I am a Miu Miu Addict, bold beautiful colors. Available for 530 Euro here.


St. Cocco Lux Iphone Case in Cipria

This is something else I know you want and it's a really good idea to start your Miu Miu collection with something like this. It's small, not so expensive and it's got the Miu Miu logo up front. I admit I am not a fan of big logos but somehow the Miu Miu logo makes my day. Just looking at it it feels like I am looking at the definition of all things I like. Besides that, I am not so fond of the St. Cocco Lux but I do love the Cipria color. Available via Mytheresa for 100 Euro here.


Madras Tote in Nero

You know you want this! A Madras tote in Nero. A classic, as classic as a Miu Miu bag can get being seasonal. The top handle flap Madras first came out last Spring, now, this Spring we have bigger tote versions of the same bag in different colors. Azzurro one of my favorites and Nero are both available via Mytheresa for 1150 Euro here.


Eye Candy #235 - Capretto Metal Sandal in Platino

I want this soo bad sooo soooo sooooooo bad!! There's a Vernice version of this same shoe that I want too. Why is it that my birthday is not until December?

Other Miu Miu shoes available here.