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Celebrities Wearing Miu Miu #114 - Elena Anaya


Elena Anaya wearing Miu Miu Spring 2012 at the Fotogramas de Plata awards in Madrid.


Chantilly Lace Shiftdress


There's no way not to love this dress. It's Miu Miu and lace made. Only aspect it has going against it is the the lenght is a bit too short for me. But, that's just because I am sure it wouldn't look good on me. If you happen to have skinny legs (which I don't have) and love this, it's available for 1580 Euro here.


Eye Candy #241 - Leather Peep Toe Boots From Spring 2102

I posted this yesterday but I don't like them. In fact I am only posting them as Eye Candy because that's the only place where I see it fits but it doesn't really mean it's eye candy. Besides, ever since I met my now husband I have never used a white shoe again. They all convinced me white is a no no in shoes.

If you disagree with me, they are available here.


Leather Peep Toe Boots From Spring 2012

I see this and all I think of is "Noooo!" Why oh why did Miu Miu have to make this in peep toe? I am not very fond of the whole cowboy boot concept but seeing them in peep toe version just kills it for me. Besides, boots during summer? All that leather around my feet? Can you tell I am not loving this? Available here for 890 Euro. Please, save your money for better Miu Miu shoes! There's even a super gorgeous Bow Bag in Mare also available at Mytheresa, so if you feel the need to spend on Miu Miu, invest wisely.


Lace Pleated Clutch in Bordeaux

Have you ever heard of, in terms of handbags, about "the one that got away?" That one handbag you loved and wished you had bought but never did? That one bag that was both functional and pretty and that also had a decent price? It happened to me a couple of years ago with a pleated Miu Miu. Every time I see a pleated Miu Miu bag I think of that one. Actually, when it comes to Miu Miu, being the addict that I am, a bag that got away is an every day event for me. But one I truly wanted is this pleated bag from Spring 2009. I've searched on Ebay and nothing. I don't think I"ll ever find it. But when I saw the pleats in the Spring 2012 collection my heart skipped a beat and I had hoped to see a similar one to the one in 2009. Not my luck though.

Even though I didn't get lucky, I did see gorgeous pleated bags, perhaps not very functional, but very nice. Like this lace pleated clutch in Bordeaux. Add lace to a bag and you have my attention immediately. Available via Mytheresa for 470 Euro.