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New Miu Miu Clothing Arrivals at Mytheresa! 

Double Breasted Twill Coat retails for 1260 Euro here.

I don't think I have ever seen so much pink on a Miu Miu collection before. Everywhere I turn it's either Fuxia or Peonia. This time, it's Fuxia. I don't mind though as I will always be a bright pink girl. Pink is big this Spring, neon or pastel, but pink it is all over the season. I like the coat better as I feel it's more appropriate and fun. The dress is also nice but a bit short for my taste. Both would make a lovely addition to any wardrobe, no doubt.

Crepe Dress with a Bow retails for 1165 Euro here.

By the way, there are more Miu Miu clothing at Mytheresa, make sure to check out all the new arrivals here.


Necklace With Swarovski Crystals From Resort 2012

Pearls and Crystals and Miu Miu sounds like perfection to me. The necklaces that belong to the Resort 2012 collection are the best ones I have seen from Miu Miu in all my Miu Miu loving life. The design and the crystals combined have made for some delicate and feminine necklaces that are hard not to adore. Personally, I have nowhere to go so if I bought one of this it would be a waste, but if you do, this one is available here for 470 Euro.



Matelasse Metal Clutch in Cromo

Not enough Miu Miu bags with silver hardware? I found one! It's all metallic silver and if you ask me, the best part is the "Miu Miu" logo on the front of the bag, also in silver. The last couple of seasons I have seen some Miu Miu bags with silver hardware but very few of them have the logo on the front ot the bag. Yes, that's very important to me, the #1 silver hardware lover. Point here is, the bag is nice, it's got silver hardware and the price is even better.

Available here for 620 Euro.


Madras Shopping Bag in Turchese

I think I went to turquoise heaven and back. If there is one Miu Miu color I love is Turchese, and the new (well, new from last year) madras leather is to die for. I remember the first time I saw a Miu Miu bag in Turchese, it was a Nappa Charm available on ebay that I still regret not buying when I could. But, as usual with Miu Miu, one of my favorite blues is back! Yes, yes, I know I am not a gold hardware love but I have to admit I can't picture this bag with silver hardware. It just doesn't seem right. Other than that, the bag is perfection.

Available for 1150 Euro here.



Eye Candy #220 - Snake Skin Effect Bow Embellished Flats in Pavone and Peonia

Pavone is to die for! Teal shades make me drool as it is one of my favorite colors. Teal, emerald green and turquoise. Miu Miu needs a to make a mix between Pavone and Turchese!

Peonia is also nice but in snake skin effect is really different than in regular lambskin or calfskin. I don't know which of both colors I like better!

Miu Miu shoes for sale here.