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Studded Leather Peep Toe Pumps

If I get to try this on and they fit, it's going to be almost impossible to resist temptation of buying them. This are great. They can be used instead of a classic black peep toe pump as they have same shape but they are an updated version of a classic shoe. Studs can make an otherwise simple pump look modern and super cool. The heel is also good, not too low, not too high. Available for 450 Euro here (the price isn't so bad either compared to the flower boots!)



Bow Bag in Pomice

I think this is the first season in which there are so many Bow Bags available online. Now, there's a Pomice vesion available as well. An instant classic if you ask me. It first came out two years ago (I my math is correct,) and to this day it's a really nice color. It's never as good as Allumnio but it's available and it's as close as it gets. The only thing I don't like is that it's a light color and I don't like having to baby my bags. As much as I love Miu Miu, I admit I am not very careful with my bags, Miu Miu or not.

Available here for 1100 Euro.


Printed Silk Faille Mini Dress With Bow Detail From Resort 2012

Lightning bolt print in a super mini dress? Yes please! Available here for 1645 Euro.


Miu Miu On Twitter #14 - Crystal Heel Close Up

So so lovely, so beautiful, so femenine, so Miu Miu. No one does crystal heels like Miu Miu.

Image credit: bagather.


Spring Summer 2012 Miu Miu Window Displays 

The Floral Print Flare Skirt can be bought here for 620 Euro.

All images via Modelizing