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Miu Miu Opens A New Boutique - Moscow! 


Miu Miu has opened a new boutique inside Crocus City Mall in Moscow, Russia. I don't have any plans of visiting Russia (though I wish,) but in case you do, here is the address:  Moscow oblast, Krasnogorsk, MKAD 64-65 KM103031 MOSCOW


Miu Miu In The Magazines # 98 - InStyle

Allison Williams wearing Miu Miu Spring 2012 on InStyle magazine.



Matelasse Metal Tote in Platino

I am really sorry I haven't been posting lately but it has not been on purpose. I've been trying to post since Thursday but there's some sort of problem with the website that is not allowing me upload pictures. I have finally figured out a way to make it work so here I am bringing you the latest Matelasse tote in Platino.

I love this new Metallic Matelasse but thinking about it beyond the cuteness of the bag, don't metallic colors peel? Let's pretend they don't, other than that, this bag is a perfect Miu Miu bag: the size is not really that big and it's Matelasse. On second thought, I find almost all Miu Miu bags perfect.

Available here for 1030 Euro.



Flower Appliqué Iphone Case From Miu Miu Spring 2012 Collection

Don't you LOVE this? It sold out in the first hours of it becoming available online. It's gorgeous!! This is THE iphone case I've been looking for. I always say if you want to start your Miu Miu collection an Iphone case or a small accessory is the perfect answer. And thi is one of the best Miu Miu Iphone cases I have seen so far. It can only be compared in beauty for the Vernice Fiocco Metal we saw for Christmas. Of course, that's only my opinion, but so far I LOVE THIS. Colors available are Rosa+Fuoco+Rosso. I LOVE that combination as well.

Available here for 140 Euro.


Appliqué Detail Cowboy Boots and Floral Printed Boots


This is exactly my type of boot, the heel is perfect and they are as pointy as a pair of boots can get. They are what I always look for every Fall season over and over again. Only Miu Miu could make them as a Spring 2012 boot in crazy prints and floral appliqué details. If it came in plain black I would be all over them, and even though I am not such a fan of this prints, today, I like them very very much.

The Appliqué Detail Cowboy Boots retail for 950 Euro and the Floral Printed Boots retail for 850 Euro.