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Lace Pleated Clutch in Bordeaux

Have you ever heard of, in terms of handbags, about "the one that got away?" That one handbag you loved and wished you had bought but never did? That one bag that was both functional and pretty and that also had a decent price? It happened to me a couple of years ago with a pleated Miu Miu. Every time I see a pleated Miu Miu bag I think of that one. Actually, when it comes to Miu Miu, being the addict that I am, a bag that got away is an every day event for me. But one I truly wanted is this pleated bag from Spring 2009. I've searched on Ebay and nothing. I don't think I"ll ever find it. But when I saw the pleats in the Spring 2012 collection my heart skipped a beat and I had hoped to see a similar one to the one in 2009. Not my luck though.

Even though I didn't get lucky, I did see gorgeous pleated bags, perhaps not very functional, but very nice. Like this lace pleated clutch in Bordeaux. Add lace to a bag and you have my attention immediately. Available via Mytheresa for 470 Euro.


Eye Candy #240 - Coffer Bag in Smeraldo

This is a rare Coffer bag. Smeraldo. I love this Miu Miu green color but I had never seen it in a coffer until recently. I love green, I love smeraldo but this isn't working out for me.


Eye Candy #239 - Calf Light Bag in Inchiostro

Inchiostro! That's the name of the blue shade I had seen this bag in before but couldn't remember. I find this a very attractive and practical bag but the handles in the back bother me. Other than that, no  designer does blue colors like Miu Miu!


Miu Miu Spring 2012 Bags and Names #4

Miu Miu's Denim Ricamo Cocco, retails for USD 1750 and the color name is Bleu. Could I please have one?


Miu Miu Spring 2012 Bags and Names #3 

Miu Miu's Telone Check Metal available in Inchiostro and Fuxia. Fuxia shown above. Retails for USD 1350 the bigger size, not the one pictured here. The one pictured here retails for USD 1195.

Miu Miu's Calf Light bag, the one pictured here is wide, the one I have seen only has one outside pocket and it's more north-south than east-west. This one retails for USD 2050, the single pocket one retails for USD 1595. Above in Pomice, also comes in Nero and Pervinca (and more colors but I am not sure right now to be honest so I am not posting them.)

This one I used to love until I saw it in real life, there's something about it that's not working out, something about the shape of the bag and the position of the handles, it's like the handles are pushing the bag somehow, you'd have to see it to understand but personally I was more in love with it until seeing it.