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Flower Appliqué Iphone Case From Miu Miu Spring 2012 Collection

Don't you LOVE this? It sold out in the first hours of it becoming available online. It's gorgeous!! This is THE iphone case I've been looking for. I always say if you want to start your Miu Miu collection an Iphone case or a small accessory is the perfect answer. And thi is one of the best Miu Miu Iphone cases I have seen so far. It can only be compared in beauty for the Vernice Fiocco Metal we saw for Christmas. Of course, that's only my opinion, but so far I LOVE THIS. Colors available are Rosa+Fuoco+Rosso. I LOVE that combination as well.

Available here for 140 Euro.


Appliqué Detail Cowboy Boots and Floral Printed Boots


This is exactly my type of boot, the heel is perfect and they are as pointy as a pair of boots can get. They are what I always look for every Fall season over and over again. Only Miu Miu could make them as a Spring 2012 boot in crazy prints and floral appliqué details. If it came in plain black I would be all over them, and even though I am not such a fan of this prints, today, I like them very very much.

The Appliqué Detail Cowboy Boots retail for 950 Euro and the Floral Printed Boots retail for 850 Euro.



Chantilly Lace Coat In Biscotti

Now, this isn't Red Riding Hood running away to see her grandmother but dressed to visit her gorgeous knight in shining armor. As I said before, the whole collection reminds me of Red Riding Hood, but this lace coat is as yummy as it's color name: biscotti. And though I think of this coat as merely decoration (please, what is a chantilly lace coat going to cover you from?) it's the most gorgeous decoration one can wear ever, Red Riding Hood or not. So worth drooling after it non stop.

Available here for 1790 Euro.


T-Shirt With Appliqué and Floral Printed A-Line Skirt

I am posting this as one but they don't really match together. I love the appliqué t shirt, the detail of this shirt is beautiful but expensive. It's 520 Euro. I love it though, but no matter how pretty it is and how delicate the appliqué looks, I'd rather spend that kind of money on a pair of shoes given that we have tons of gorgeous Miu Miu choices this season (as always.)

And the Floral Printed A Line Skirt, well, it's nice as well, but it's a print that I think it's going to be out of fashion really soon. We are in March and have already seen what's next for Fall 2012. Given this, I'd just save my money to spend it on something from the Printastic Miu Miu Fall 2012 collection. This two items were worthy of a nice mention but not worth the price. The skirt can be found here for 720 Euro.

P.S. This whole collection reminds me of some cowboy version of Red Riding Hood wearing tons of prints.



Eye Candy #242 - Miu Miu's Plongé - Spring 2012

No, I didn't cut the pictures on purpose. It's all about the Miu Miu Plongé now, I can't wait for this bag to become available. It's classic, gorgeous and the ruched detail is a nice design indeed.