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Miu Miu Editorials - It's Friday! 

Vogue China September 2014

Marie Claire UK September 2014

Vogue US - Malaika Firth's dress can be found here.

Harpers Bazar China September

Elle UK September

Madame Air France August - September 2014


Miu Miu's Nappa Vele Cloud Bag Available Online! 

I love it when new Miu Miu bags become available online. This one has been available at Miu Miu stores since June! With the exception of Miu Miu's website, it is just now becoming available online.

Honestly? My first love is the original Cloud bag. My second love is the Fringed Cloud Bag. Then comes the Nappa Vele and other variations.

Miu Miu has definitely come a long way with the Cloud and the Vitello Soft bags. Now I only wish some of them became so classic I would consider them a long term investment. So far, the Nappa Vele is good but it's just trendy. And we know trendy doesn't last too long. Perhaps I am missing some valuable hours of sleep and that's why there is not much love today for the Nappa Vele.

This one is available here for 1600 Euro.


Miu Miu Resort 2015 Clothing Re See

A month has passed and I still have mixed feelings about this collection. Sure, the collection is genious, as everything Miuccia does. I am just not sure I am sold on it. Perhaps I have to see the handbags in order to realize what a fool I am not to be in love with it?

Either way, here are some eye candy pictures of the clothing.

In the meantime, you can shop the Fall 2014 collection here.


Miu Miu's Fall 2014 Campaign - Stacy Martin and the Quilted Vitello Soft


If the Vitello Soft is quilted, then, is it still Vitello Soft or is it called something else? That is a question I have for Miu Miu SA's, I guess I'd have to ask.

Either way, here is another Stacy Martin picture of the Campaign, one I hadn't seen before. I am not 100% sure I love the bag but I am sure I love its non quilted counterpart.

(That you can buy here)


Miu Mius' Fall 2014 Fringed Bags!  


Hello fellow Miu Miu Addicts, I have been suffering from food poisoning, hence my lack of posts. I do have a couple of  new Miu Miu things to share but first things first: my one true love, Miu Miu handbags! And this Fall, Miu Miu's bags come with tons of fringes. Granted, this is the Fall trend, so it's not a surprise Miu Miu has done what it does best: trendy handbags with a cool edge. 

In a handbag world where minimal is the underlying factor that defines an it bag, the Nappa Biker proves that more is sometimes better. And this Fall, the Nappa Biker comes with fringes. Yes, that makes for a pretty crowded bag, but with a pretty awesome outcome. The best part is that this bag comes in a medium size, it's not too big, and that way, the fringes are perfect. They don't bother you, yet they manage to catch attention. 

In other words, this bag is the epitome of Miu Miu style. 

And it's available here for 1850 Euro. 

And you thought that was the only fringed bag I was going to share? No way! There is more and there is better. What could be better than a Nappa Biker fringed bag? Well, a studded fringed bag with ilver hardware, of course! 

Yes, this one is better! No words needed.

Available here for 990 Euro.