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New Miu Miu Spring 2013 New Arrivals at MyTheresa

Glazed leather handbag in Talco. White is really big this Spring and I am enjoying the glass cyrstals and the metal hardware as well as the goat leather in this fantastic talco Miu Miu bag. Retails for 950 Euro here.

I would give anything right now for the smell of a glazed leather Miu Miu handbag, especially if it belongs to the Spring 2013 runway and the color is Rosso. If you're always craving the smell of glazed leather the way I am, this bag retails for 1290 Euro and can be bought here.

I am not sure how I feel about the style of this dress. The cut is definitely not very flattering on me and the straps are not my favorite. If you feel less ambivalent than I do, it can be bought here for 1695 Euro.

When I first started liking handbags, I was really really young. So young I can not remember my age. What I do remember is a day in my life in which I begged my mom for a new wallet. I don't know what my mom thought back then but she let me pick the one I liked best. I ended up choosing a patent leather purple wallet I still own but no longer wear. Since then, I've been having a love affair with purple. My current wallet is a Purple Miu Miu I bought in 2009. I've been carrying it ever since and I think I'll keep carrying it for as long as it lasts. It's no surprise I love this satin platform sandals in Bouganville. If you love them too, they retail for 475 Euro here.

Ten years ago I used to own the most fantastic kitten heel thong sandals I have ever owned. They were black and were not expensive. They used to match most of my clothing and were very comfortable. I used them for a long time until they were no longer decent to be seen wearing them. I totally forgot about them until recently. Then I saw this kitten heel leather sandals in Cipria and it was love at first memory. Available via Mytheresa for 550 Euro.

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