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Miu Miu Madras Bicolore Colors for Spring 2013 



Don't expect too much of me tonight since I am watching the People's Choice Awards and I really can't concentrate on anything other than the TV. But yes, I am here for my daily Miu Miu fix and today I want to talk about the Madras Bicolore.

Dear Miu Miu: don't you think you are a little late to the colorblocking party? Let's see, I first remember this trend from Spring 2011 and though it's carried on until this season I am more than ready to move on. Two years in fashion terms sometimes feel like a lifetime. And yes, I know this bag is not new for Spring 2013.

And even if they are not my favorite Miu Miu bags, I do have to post some very unique color combinations Miu Miu has made available: Papaya and Acquamarina.


More Miu Miu bags for sale here.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, this bag retails for USD 1695.

Ok, it's not so bad, there's a rosa + peonia combination that I don't have a picture of that I promise is the nicest combination of them all.

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