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Miu Miu On Twitter #20 - New Year, New Miu Miu! 

Just because I haven't been posting the past couple of months does not mean I have not been enjoying all the Miu Miu eye candy the internet has to offer. Since it's not possible for most of us to go to a Miu Miu store every day, it's really nice to find instant gratification via Twitter. Here are the latest Miu Miu eye candy pictures posted on Twitter.

I really hope she got the blue one! Originally posted by @richgirlonabudget

This are a pair of shoes I don't particularly love, but I can see how other people find them perfect. Originally posted by @pippavosper who found them at Harrods.

Don't you want to be at Selfridges to try this on? Originally posted by @selfridges. I am dying for a pair like this! (who isn't?)

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