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Miu Miu Introduces the Pave Sunglasses


Miu Miu has introduced the new Pave Sunglasses. In a fashionable shape that resembles the glamour of decades past Miu Miu adds a touch of glitter to an otherwise retro pair....bla bla bla bla bla.

I like the Pave sunglasses and that's enough description. 

As I always say, Miu Miu is the only brand that can get away with adding glitter to everything and the Pave are not the exception. Of course, there are some styles without the glitter but, of course, I am glitter all the way.

The PAVE as well as other Miu Miu eye glasses and sunglasses are available HERE.


Miu Miu Wins the Bucket Challenge - Pochette Crystal and More


Ok, I seriously couldn't resist that title. With the bucket challenge going on and the bucket handbag trend it seemed more than appropriate to post a title with a sense of humor.

Anyways, Miu Miu introduced the Pochette Crystal bags. A cute mini bucket version of the studded and eyelet clutches. Sure, nothing fits in one of the Pochette Crystal bags, but they are oh-so-cute! The Miu Miu logo in silver hardware is always a must.

And the new leather bucket bag? I am not sure about that one, it sure is pretty, but it also seems very impractical. Button fastenings as well as drawstring leather seem like too much of a hassle for a bag. It's pretty, but I'll pass on that one.

The Pochette Crystal retails for 990 and the Leather Bucket for 1300 Euro. Then can both be found HERE.



Francesca Burns as Girl in Miu Miu

Francesca Burns, editor at Vogue UK has become the "Girl in Miu Miu" to cover Miu Miu's introduction of the new short film, "Somebody"

You can visit the Tumblr Girl in Miu Miu, which has now become Girl in Venice, to check out her updates on the presentation.

p.s. I love Francesca's name.


Miu Miu's Cat Clutch! 

OMG there are no words for this! Really, there aren't! This is beyond beautiful! This is a dream come true, this is perfect, this is Miu Miu! Nobody does cats and birds like Miu Miu! I am speechless with this handbags! Such a fashion statement! As always, Miu Miu does it again!


Miu Miu Covers - Stacy Martin for Wonderland Magazine

Stacy Martin is on the cover of Wonderland Magazine wearing a Miu Miu Fall 2014 Runway top. The top is available HERE.